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MFA# 1985.806


MFA# 2004.62

Any relief etch block or print made from a chemically or mechanically produced printing surface. One line block example, gillotage, is a Zinc printing plate made using a lithographic transfer. One photo-relief etching method involved developing a negative directly on a zinc plate coated with Bichromated gelatin. After the image is developed, the soluble Gelatin is washed away and the remaining gelatin is coated with powdered Asphaltum to produce an acid-resistant negative image. Other variations include stereotype line block, electrotype line block, and transfer line block.

Synonyms and Related Terms

relief etching; zinc etching; gillotage; stereotype line block; electrotype line block; transfer line block; Strich-Druckstock (Deut.); Druckplatte (Deut.)

Resources and Citations

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