MFA 33.371, Fragment with wrestling lions and harpies, Southern Spain (early 12th century)

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Artifact Information

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 33.371. 50X43 cm (Ellen Page Hall Fund).

Fragment of shroud be [1].

Fragment with wrestling lions and harpies. © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Summary of results

two threads, red and green, were collected for dye analysis, analyzed by prof. R. Larusen at Boston University

HPLC profile


[1] Gary Dickinson, and Linda Wrigglesworth, Imperial Wardrobe, Bamboo Press, London, (1990) 199.

[2] Xian Zhang,Karina Corrigan, Bruce MacLaren, Mimi Leveque, and Richard A. Laursen, Characterization of Yellow Dyes in Nineteenth Century Chinese Textiles. Studies in Conservation 52, 211-220 (2007).