MFA 33.371, Fragment with wrestling lions and harpies, Southern Spain (early 12th century)

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Artifact Information

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 33.371. 50X43 cm (Ellen Page Hall Fund).

Silk lampas with supplementary discontinuous metal-wrapped patterning wefts.

Fragment of shroud believed to have been part of the shroud of a bishop of Burgo de Osma. Design of pairs of lions attacking human-headed birds within circles connected by smaller circles containing inscriptions, woven with red, green, and light brown silk (weft) and gold thread (brocaded). The date of the piece was probably Early 12th century, from Almoravid of Spanish (probably Almería)[1].

Fragment with wrestling lions and harpies. © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Summary of results

two threads, red and green, were collected for dye analysis, analyzed by prof. R. Larusen at Boston University