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A large family of ornamental, evergreen trees of the genus Magnolia, such as Magnolia grandiflora, that is native to Central and North America. Magnolia produces a heavy, durable wood that is used for boxes, furniture, and millwork.

Synonyms and Related Terms

laurel; sweet bay; southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora); bull bay; Magnolien (Deut.); Magnolie (Dan.); Magnolia (Esp., Fr., It., Ned., Sven.); Magnlia (Port.)

Magnolia tree (Magnolia virginiana)

Other Properties

Medium tree growing to 25 m with pyrimidal crown. Bark=brown with flat plates or scales. Leaves=oval (8-12 cm) and pinnately veined, waxy top surface. Fruit=aggregate of follicles turning red when mature in fall.

Density 35 pcf

Additional Images


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