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[[File:Otter lithograph MFA.jpg|thumb|Otter lithograph<br>MFA# 2012.7128]]
[[File:Otter lithograph MFA.jpg|thumb|Otter lithograph<br>MFA# 2012.7128]]
[[File:1984.322-SL26822.jpg|thumb|'''MFA Acc. #:''' 1984.322]]
[[File:1984.322-SL26822.jpg|thumb|Ceremonial collar<br>MFA# 1984.322]]
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Otter lithograph
MFA# 2012.7128
Ceremonial collar
MFA# 1984.322


1) Small aquatic mammals of the family Mustelidae. Otters have very dense, soft underfur covered by long guard hairs. Otters are native to several areas around the globe where they live in both fresh water (River otter) and marine (Sea otter) environments. Once widely hunted and trapped to near extinction, otters are now protected by the 1911 Fur Seal Treaty.

2) See annatto.

River otter skins

Synonyms and Related Terms

Otter (Deut.); nutria (Esp.); loutre (Fr.); lutrinae (It.); lontra (It., Port.); otters (Ned.);

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Resources and Citations

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