Pentalyn H

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[Hercules] A brand name for a synthetic thermoplastic resin used as a tackifying agent in elastomeric adhesives. Pentalyn® H is a stabilized penta resin composed of Pentaerythritol ester of wood Rosin. The hydrogenation stabilization process increases its resistance to oxidation, discoloration, and adhesion loss. Pentalyn® H is a tackifying agent in natural rubber, Neoprene, and SBR formulations for use as pressure sensitive and hot-melt adhesives.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Pentalyn H


Long-term exposure to elevated temperatures may result in oxidation causing darkening and decreased solubility.

Other Properties

Insoluble in water; Softening point = 94-102 C ; Acid number = 7-16

Resources and Citations

Hercules: Product Data Sheet

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