Vegetable dye

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MFA# 1992.521


Any natural organic colorant obtained from lichen, fungi, or plants (wood, bark, roots, leaves, fruits, or flowers). Vegetable dyes are usually water-soluble extractions that are then precipitated onto substrates, fibers, or mordants. Examples are Indigo, Logwood, Madder, Archil, Chay root, Morinda, Alkanet, Purpurin, Turmeric, Turnsole, Lokao, Henna, weld, Saffron, and Buckthorn berries.

Synonyms and Related Terms

vegetable dyes; vegetal dyes ; teinture végétale (Fr.); colorant végétal (Fr.); colorante vegetal (Esp.); corante vegetal (Port.)

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