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[International Paper] A former registered trademark for a tricolor process used to make color prints from slides and transparencies. Cibachrome® was introduced in 1963 after the merger of Ilford UK and Ciba-Geigy Photochemie of Switzerland. Its name was officially changed to Ilfochrome in 1992 when Ilford was purchased by International Paper, but it is still commonly called Cibachrome®. The Cibachrome® process uses pure cyan, yellow, and magenta color azo dyes. Once exposed, the film is placed in a black and white developer, then an acid bleach bath followed by a fixer. The bleach step removes the dye colors in regions where they do not occur. The Cibachrome® process produces highly saturated, permanent colors with excellent sharpness and contrast.


Synonyms and Related Terms

Ilfochrome; Ciba

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