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[Martin A Carbone, Inc, Santa Barbara, CA] A trademark for a two-part epoxy putty. Gapoxio (TM) epoxy resin contains mixed diglycidyl ethers of Bisphenol A that is mixed with an amine hardener. Fillers include clay, silica, lime and magnesia. Gapoxio (TM) has a working time of about 45 minutes after kneading equal parts of the A and B sticks. It cures in about an hour at room temperature with no shrinkage. Gapoxio (TM) has a light beige-gray color but dry pigments can be added during mixing for other variations. After cure, the solid resin can be drilled, sanded, cut or painted.

Other Properties

Smooths with water, alcohol, acetone prior to cure. Insoluble after cure. Cleans with soap and water prior to cure. Cure is shortened with heat or by placing in a microwave oven.

Density 1.95

Hazards and Safety

Contact may cause sensitivity or irritation.

Additional Information

Gapoxio: Website

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