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[U.S.Borax] A registered trademark for a series of compounds that contains disodium octaborate tetrahydrate as the active ingredient. Polybor® borates have been used as wood preservatives to kill wood boring beetles and termites. They are also used as flame retardants, emulsifiers, Corrosion inhibitors, and as a soft Abrasive in hand and metal cleaners.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Polybor 87

Composition Na2B8O13-4H2O
CAS 12280-03-4

Hazards and Safety

Borax: MSDS

Additional Information

° Borax: Product information ° T.Frey, J.vonReis, Z.Barov "An Evaluation of Biocides for Control of the Biodeterioration of Artifacts at Hearst Castle" ICOM Preprints, Washington, DC 1993 p.875-879.