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Dartek Cast Nylon Film


[DuPont (Canada)] A registered trademark for a cast nylon film. Dartek F-101 is composed of nylon 6,6. The soft, transparent, stretchable film is a thermoplastic resin that does not have plasticizers or surface coatings. It will conform to any shape using vacuum or gentle heating, such as with a hair dryer. Dartek is sold for use as a covering membrane for lining paintings on a vacuum table (Conservation Support Systems, 1998). Dartek is used in industry for lamination and packaging. It has low oxygen and moisture permeability.

Synonyms and Related Terms

nylon-66; Dartex (sp)

Other Properties

For a 1 mil film: Oxygen transmission = 54.3 ml/m2d Water vapor transmission = 295 g/m2d

Films do not contain additives or plasticizers.

Density 1.13

Additional Information

HM Royal: Website

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