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Dartek Cast Nylon Film
Credit: University Products


[Transcontinental] A registered trademark originally for DuPont (Canada) for a Thermoplastic, nylon film composed of Nylon 6,6. Dartek is a clear, strong film with low permeability and resistance to abrasion, oil, chemicals, and vapors. The soft, transparent, stretchable film will conform to any shape using vacuum or gentle heating, such as with a hair dryer. Dartek is sold for use as a covering membrane for lining paintings on a vacuum table (Conservation Support Systems, 1998) and is marketed by its manufacturer for wrapping, handling, transporting and storing paintings and fine art. The tear resistant film has low oxygen and moisture Permeability and can easily be adhered to other surfaces or itself with heat, hot melt or double sided tape. Dartek is used in industry for lamination and packaging. Manufactured as of 2007 by Transcontinental

roll of Dartek film
Credit: Ashley Distributors

Dartek films options:

  • B-601 : Barrier film, 25 micron thickness, used for thermoforming, laminating and film extrusion
  • B-602 : Barrier film, 25 micron thickness, PVDC coated
  • C-917 : includes heat stabilizing ingredient for use in high temperature applications
  • F-101 : Forming film, 25 micron thickness no additives; can be printed, laminated or extrusion coated
  • N-201 : Non-forming film, 25 micron thickness

Synonyms and Related Terms

Dartek@; nylon-66; Dartex (sp)

Dartek C-917 Datasheet page 1
Dartek C-917 Datasheet page 2


  • Dust cover where light sensitivity is not an issue
  • Replacement for Glassine when wrapping paintings susceptible to tackiness or abrasion

Personal Risks

Collection Risks

Physical and Chemical Properties

For a 1 mil film: Oxygen transmission = 54.3 ml/m2d; Water vapor transmission = 295 g/m2d ; Density=1.13

Films do not contain additives or plasticizers. Can absorb up to 10% of its weight in moisture.

Working Properties

The tear resistant film has a 'saran-wrap' feel and clarity that is softer and more pliable than Mylar or Glassine. Moisture and heat should be avoided as is may cause the film to stick. (PACCIN). In dry environments, the films can be brittle. Dartek C-917 can be treated on both sides for ink, adhesive and coating receptivity.

Forms and Sizes

Available in rolls from 10” to 88” wide and in gauges from .0075" (.19 mil) to 0.75” (1.9 mil).

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