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[Union Carbide] A registered trademark for a series of translucent polyethylene glycols and methoxypolyethylene glycols. The water-soluble Carbowax products are available in a range of viscosities from a honey-like solution to a hard wax-like block. They are used commercially as solvents for dyes, natural resins, and proteins. They are also used as plasticizers for casein, gelatin, glue, zein, cork, and inks. Carbowax formulations have also been used to slowly replaced water in water-logged wood providing structural support while decreasing wetness. They, however, remain somewhat tacky and can retain dirt that darkens and discolors the artifact.

Synonyms and Related Terms

PEG; polyethylene glycol; methoxypolyethylene glycol; polietilenglicol (Esp.): metoxipolietilenglicol (Esp.)



Other Properties

Soluble in water.

CAS 25322-68-3

Hazards and Safety

Potential skin irritant. Combustible. Flash point: 182 - 287 C

Mallinckrodt Baker: MSDS

Additional Information

Dow Chemical: Website

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