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[3A Composites, formerly Alusuisse Composites] A registered trademark for an inert, rigid, laminate composed of a lightweight low density polyethylene core covered with two thin sheets (0.3 mm) of aluminum. Dibond® aluminum composite sheets are available with a heat-cured polyester stove-lacquered finish on the front and back in numerous colors. They may also be purchased with mill-finished aluminum on the back that can be digitally printed with fine lines, high resolution images, or a mirror-like surface. The outer surfaces are protected by peel-off foil sheets prior to use. Dibond® panels can be covered with fabric for use as solid painting supports (ArPlex Artist Board).

Synonyms and Related Terms

ArPlex Artist Board


Personal and Collections Risks

Physical and Chemical Properties

Weather resistant

Additional Information

3A Composites: Website

Sources Checked for Data in Record

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