Elastomeric fiber

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Synthetic elastomeric fibers quickly replaced natural rubber fibers when they were first commercially produced in the 1930s. The synthetic elastomeric fibers had superior elastic properties and greater durability. In 1959, spandex was introduced by DuPont (Lycra®) and in 1970, anidex was introduced by Rohm and Haas (ANIM/8) but was later discontinued. Elastomeric fibers are used in fabrics to produce lingerie, swimsuits, hosiery, and athletic apparel.

Synonyms and Related Terms

elastomeric fibre; elastomeric yarn; elastic fiber; stretch fiber; stretch yarn; spandex; anidex; Lycra®; Lastex; fibras de elastómero (Esp.); elastomeren (spandexgarens) Verene, Sarlane, Spanzelle (Ned)

Additional Information

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Properties of Synthetic Fibers

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