Glossary of Ukiyo-e Colorants

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1778-1794 (19-35 yrs old) 28 prints

As Katsukawa Shunro until he leaves the Katsukawa school. Wide variety, from actor prints, book illustrations, toy prints, meisho, religious, etc.

1794-1804 (35-45 yrs old) 27 prints

As Sori produces lots of surimonos and illustrations for poetry books. In 1798, he changes to Hokusai Tokimasa which denotes his independence from any school style. But overall until 1804 his style is considered Sori style (Rinpa).

Sôri ga 宗理画

Hokusai Sôri ga 北斎宗理画

Sôri aratame Hokusai ga 宗理改北斎画

Sôri aratame Hokusai Shin (Tatsu) ga 宗理改北斎辰画

Hokusai Tatsu ga 北斎辰画

Gakyôjin Hokusai ga 画狂人北斎画

Kakô ga 可候画

Hokusai egaku ほくさゐゑかく

1804-1811 (45-52 years old) 26 prints

Mainly works on book illustrations and paintings. Uses Katsushika Hokusai as well as Taito.

1812-1829 (53-60 yrs old) 10 prints

Starts producing illustration books for artists/students. Uses Iitsu from 1818-1830 when he produces a lot of surimonos.

1830-1833 (71-74 yrs old) 20 prints

Produces his well known prints such as landscape, bird and flower prints, etc.

1834-1849 (75-90yrs old): Concentrates on paintings. Uses the Manji

Unknown 18 prints

Maybe phase 1 (1778-1794)?

Maybe phase 2 (1794-1804)?

Maybe phase 3 (1804-1811)?

Maybe phase 4 (1812-1829)?