Incense cedar

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Incense cedar Calacedrus decurrens


Any of several aromatic coniferous trees from the genera Libocedrus or Calocedrus. Incense cedars are native to high altitudes in California and Oregon. These evergreen trees have flattened branches with scalelike leaves that produce a strong smell when broken. The close-grain, smooth wood of the incence cedar is lightweight and soft, but durable. The wood is used for pencils, storage chests, trellises, and closet linings.

Synonyms and Related Terms

white cedar; Librocedrus decurrens; Calocedrus decurrens; cèdre à encens (Fr.)

Incense Cedar (Libocedrus decurrens)

Other Properties

Large tree growing to 60 m with trunk diameter of 3 m.

CAS 26 pcf

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