Jade 454

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[Jade Adhesives, Chicago] A brand name for a white aqueous adhesive emulsion containing ethylene/vinyl acetate (20/80) copolymer. Jade 454 may also contain small amounts of plasticizers, dispersion aids, defoamers and preservatives. It turns yellow-brown with age.

Other Properties

Emulsion has 38% solids. Viscosity = 40000-45000 cps.

Emulsion pH = 3.84 (from AIC Book and Paper catalog).

Dried film swells in water and toluene.

Additional Information

J. Down, M.MacDonald, J.Te'treault, S.Williams, Adhesive Testing at the Canadian Conservation Institute-An Evaluation of Selected Poly(Vinyl acetate) and Acrylic Adhesives", Studies in Conservation 41:19-44, 1996.

Sources Checked for Data in Record

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