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[Eastman Chemical, TN] A registered trademark for a series of polyester staple and filament fibers. The original Kodel® fiber introduced in 1958 (now labeled as the 200 series) is a PCDT material prepared from dimethyl terephthalate and 1,4-cyclohexane dimethanol. Newer Kodel® fibers (400 series) are made from polyethylene terephthalate and have characteristics similar to Dacron®. The 200 series Kodel® fiber is a white and is easily dyed. It has good dimensional stability and wear resistance. Kodel® is used for carpets and easy care apparel. It is often blended with cotton to produce crease resistant garment fabrics. Kodel® is also used for fiberfill because it has good resilience and is nonallergenic.


Synonyms and Related Terms

polyester; PCDT; poly-1,4-cyclohexylene-dimethylene terephthalate

Other Properties

For 200 series: Insoluble in acids and alkali. May shrink in hot water and in chlorinated dry cleaning solvents. Fiber is smooth. Cross section is circular. Tenacity = 2.5-3.0 g/denier Elongation = 24-34% Moisture regain = 0.4%

Melting Point 290-295
Density 1.22-1.23

Hazards and Safety

Burns slowly and forms drops. Resistant to sunlight.

Additional Information

° Kodak: History

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