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Red sable Conservator Brushes


The reddish-brown hair from the tails of an Eurasian mink, Mustela siberica and Mustela lutreola, native to Siberia, Manchuria, China, and Japan. Artist brushes made from kolinsky tail hairs are called kolinsky or red sable brushes. These valuable brushes have excellent resilience and spring. The hair obtained from the male animals in winter is most prized for the brushes because it is longer and more tapered. To decrease costs, the long hairs are sometimes mixed with shorter hairs from the female minks or even with ox ear hair or synthetic fibers. These mixed fibers often have an unnatural bright orange tint (Z. Pinney 1999).

Kolinsky hair

Synonyms and Related Terms

kolinsky sable; red sable; red Tartar marten; Siberian mink; China mink; kolinski; Mustela siberica; Mustela lutreola

Other Properties

Brownish red hair with yellowish tint; Length ranges from 1.75 to 2.25 inches

Hair tapers at both ends to a needle sharp point at tip; the belly is about one-third of the hair's length from the butt end.

Density 1.0-1.13
Kolinsky hair

Additional Information

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