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An aromatic gum-resin obtained from Commiphora species (such as C. malmol, C. abyssinica, and C. myrrha) native to India, Arabia and northeast Africa. Myrrh contains approximately 20-25% resin (mostly triterpenoids), 57-61% gum and 7-17% volatile oils. The translucent yellow resins has been used for incense and perfumes since ancient times.

Synonyms and Related Terms

mirra (Esp.); mirra (It); malmul; ogo; herabol; sweet myrrh; bisabol myrrh

Other Properties

Partially soluble (resin portion) in ethanol. Partially soluble (gum portion) in water.

Additional Information

M.Serpico, R.White, "Resins, Amber and Bitumen" in Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, P.Nicholson, I.Shaw (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2000, p. 430-474.