Natural and Synthetic Dye Compound Index

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The alphabetical includes the common name of each different compound identified in at least one chromatogram in the database. The second list includes the same compounds, but in this case they are placed in approximate order of retention time, from lowest to highest. This order is what would often be observed on standard C-18 LC columns using typical gradient elution programs. The specific order comes primarily from analyses carried out on instrumentation at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Compounds that have not been found in any samples examined at the MFA are placed with referecne to the retention times of analyzed compounds. Compounds will not elute in exactly the same order on all equipment, so this list is only intended to be a general guide.


Compound MW UV/visible
alizarin 253 278,410
another 1234 456,789
another 1234 456,789

In order of retention time

Compound Retention time UV/visible
compound 1 1.53 222,444
compound 2 2.0 456,789
compound 3 3.40 345,456

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