Olive oil

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Olive oil


A pale, greenish-yellow nondrying oil expressed from the fruit of the olive tree, Olea europaea. Olive oil contains glycerides of Oleic acid (56-83%), Palmitic acid (8-18%), Linoleic acid (4-19%), Stearic acid (2-5%), Linolenic acid (0.3-1%) and arachidic acid (0.9%) with small amounts of squalene, phytosterol, and tocopherol (Serpico and White 2000). Olive oil has a delicate flavoring and is primary used for cooking. It becomes rancid on exposure to air and turns cloudy at cold temperatures. Olive oil has been used to dress leather. It is also used in the manufacture of Castile soap, and textile lubricants.

Olive tree Olea europaea

Synonyms and Related Terms

Olea europaea; huile d'olive (Fr.); aceite de oliva (Esp.); olio di oliva (It)



Other Properties

Saponification value = 187-196; Iodine value = 79-90;

Soluble in ether, chloroform and carbon disulfide.

CAS 8001-25-0
Melting Point -6.0
Density 0.910-.918
Refractive Index 1.466-1.468

Hazards and Safety

Combustible. Flash point = 225 C. Contact may cause irritation.

Fisher Scientific: MSDS

Additional Information

M.Serpico, R.White, "Oil, fat and wax" in Ancient Egyptian Materials and Technology, P.Nicholson, I.Shaw (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2000, p. 390-429.

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