Ortho-phenyl phenol

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A fungicide and bactericide. Ortho-phenyl phenol (OPP) inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria. It is effective at concentrations as low as 0.05% by weight. OPP is an ingredient in Lysol® and has been used as a fungicides in starch, glue, and polyvinyl acetate emulsions. Dilute solutions have also been used for removing lichens from granite. OPPNa, the sodium salt of ortho-phenyl phenol, is more soluble.

Synonyms and Related Terms

phenyl phenol; orthophenyl phenol; OPP; 2-phenylphenol; 2-biphenylol; 2-hydroxybiphenyl; Dowicide 1; Dowicide 1 [Dow Chemical]; Topane S [ICI]; Lysol® [Sterling]; Dowicide A (OPPNa) [Dow Chemical]; Topane WS (OPPNa) [ICI]; Mystox WFA (OPPNa) [Catomance]

Chemical structure

Ortho-phenyl phenol.jpg

Other Properties

Insoluble in water. Soluble in alcohols, glycols and sodium hydroxide solution..

Composition C6H5C6H4OH
CAS 90-43-7
Melting Point 58-60
Density 1.217
Molecular Weight mol. wt. = 170.2
Boiling Point 286

Hazards and Safety

Ingestion is toxic, expecially to small mammals (e.g., cats) and aquatic organisms. LD50 = 2480 mg/kg

Inhalation and contact may cause irritation and redness.

Combustible. Flash point = 124 C (255 F)

May discolor textiles, especially silk.

International Chemical Safety Card

Additional Information

J.Haines, S.Kohler "An Evaluation of Ortho-Phenyl Phenol as a Fungicidal Fumigant for Archives and Libraries" JAIC 25:49-55, 1986

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