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An amorphous white polymer of formaldehyde. Paraformaldehyde is used as a disinfectant, fumigant, fungicide, and hardener for gelatin. Because paraformaldehyde continually evolves gaseous formaldehyde, it is also used experimentally as a controlled source for formaldehyde exposure.

Synonyms and Related Terms

polyoxymethylene; metaformaldehyde; polyformaldehyde; paraform; formagene; paraffins; Stopmildew (Durban, S.Africa)



Other Properties

Soluble in strong alkalis. Insoluble in ethanol and ether.

Composition (HCHO)x
CAS 30525-89-4
Melting Point 120-170
Density 1.45

Hazards and Safety

Combustible. Flash point = 70C (158F). Toxic by ingestion and inhalation of vapors.

Paraformaldehyde continually evolves formaldehyde fumes.

Mallinckrodt Baker: MSDS

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