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Raccoon Procyon lotor


A small, intelligent carnivores of the genus Procyon that is native to North and South America. Raccoon fur is thick and covered with dark, silky, silver-gray guard hairs. The North American raccoon (Procyon lotor) was extensively hunted for its fur. Coonskin caps were often worn by frontiersmen and full-length raccoon coats were popoular the early twentieth century. The hairs have dark-grayish brown tips changing to tan bodies. They have been used for calligraphy brushes, but have little resiliency and do not point well.

Synonyms and Related Terms

coon; ringtail; North American raccoon (Procyon lotor); Waschbären (Deut.); mapache (Esp.); procyon (Esp., Fr., It.); procioni (It.); wasberen (Ned.); szop (Pol.)

Raccoon Procyon lotor

Other Properties

Fur length = 1-1.5 inches

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