Red maple

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A deciduous maple tree, Acer rubrum, native to eastern North America that turns bright red in autumn. Red maple trees have hard, strong, fine-grain wood that is used for flooring and interior millwork. The bark and leaves from the red maple tree produce a dye that colors cotton and wool a cinnamon color with an alum mordant and a black color with an iron mordant.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Acer rubrum; rode esdoorn (Ned.); érable pourpre (Fr.); arce rojo (Esp.); acero rosso (It.); soft maple; water maple; scarlet flowering maple; swamp maple

Red maple Acer rubrum

Other Properties

Height = 20-35 m Flowers = small clusters of yellow-red slowers in early spring Fruit = clusters of small samara with divergent wings. Bark = grayish with fine platy scales

Density 33 ppcf

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