Storax (resin)

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1) A brown, sticky, aromatic resin obtained from the liquidambar trees, such as Liquidambar orientalis, native to Turkey. Storax contains triterpenoids (oleamonic acid, storesin) along with styrene, stryacin, and cinnamic acid. In 1839, E. Simon noticed that a white solid formed in the steam distillate obtained from storax. This solid obtained from styrene is now known as polystyrene. Storax resin is sometimes used as a mounting media for microscope slides.

2) An archaic name for a brown, aromatic resin obtained from the Styrax officinalis trees, native to upper Egypt. This resin is now called benzoin.

Synonyms and Related Terms

"1: Liquidambar orientalis; liquid storax; Levant storax 2: styrax; benzoin; Styrax officinalis; benzoino (It); gum styrax; gum benzoin; balsam storax; gum benjamin "

Other Properties

Soluble in ethanol, ether, acetone, carbon disulfide.

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