Strontium titanate

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Transparent, colorless single crystals of strontium titanate have been grown synthetically since the late 1940s. Strontium titanate is used as imitation diamonds and for electronic components. The natural mineral of strontium titanate (tausonite) is muddy brown to gray color. It was discovered in 1982.

Synonyms and Related Terms

imitation diamond

Other Properties

Insoluble in water. Attacked by hydrofluoric acid.

Crystal sytem=cubic Fracture = conchoidal Cleavage = none Luster = adamantine Streak = brown

Composition SrTiO3
Mohs Hardness 6.0-6.5 (nat.) 5.5 (syn.)
Melting Point 2060
Density 4.81-4.88 (nat.) 5.13 (syn.)
Refractive Index 2.41


Natural and Simulated Diamonds

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