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The resistance of a liquid to flow. Viscosity is caused by the internal molecular friction. In Cgs units, absolute viscosity is measured in centipoise (cP or cps). A hundred centipoise is one poise (P); one poise is equal to the movement of one gram of material the distance of 1 centimeter in one second. At room temperature, water has viscosity of 1.0 centipoise. In general, viscosity decreases with increasing temperature and pressure. The antonym of viscosity is fluidity.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cp; centipoise; Viskosität (Deut.); viscosité (Fr.);

Other Properties

Example viscosities (in centipoise):

- Water = 1 
- olive oil = 81 
- glycerol = 93 
- corn syrup = 1381 
- honey = 5000-10,000 
- molasses = ~100,000 
- peanu butter = ~250,000

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