Aluminum tape

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An adhesive tape that is back by a metallic foil. The flexible metal allows the tape to conform to curves and uneven surfaces. Aluminum tape is reflective, UV resistant and thermally conductive. It is often used to seal off vapors in fiberglass duct board, sheet metal ducts and other HVAC conduits. It typically contains an acrylic adhesive that adheres well in a wide range of temperatures and humidities (note: some tapes have rubber-based adhesives).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Aluminum foil tape; foil tape; metal tape

Products: 3M 431; 3M 425; 3M 850; 3M 591



Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Acrylic adhesives usually have a working temperature range of -4 to 120C (-40 to 250 F)
  • Tensile strength is about 21 lb/in

Working Properties

Forms and Sizes

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