Ammonium casein

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Casein paint that is hydrolyzed using ammonia. Ammonium casein is prepared by soaking casein powder in water with Ammonium carbonate. Ammonium casein has a slightly lower pH (8.0-9.0) than Lime casein (9.0-9.9), but it is higher than Borax casein (7.0-7.8). Ammonium casein should be prepared fresh as it may become unstable and separate after a few days (Wehlte 1975).

Synonyms and Related Terms

ammonium-casein; caseinato amónico (Esp.); caseinato d'ammonio (It.); caseinato de amónio (Port.)

Resources and Citations

  • Kurt Wehlte, The Materials and Techniques of Painting, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1975