Artcare Archival Foamboard

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Artcare™ Archival Foamboard


[Nielsen & Bainbridge] A trademark for a lightweight rigid laminated foam. Artcare (TM) foamboard is made using MicroChamber® technology. It contains polystyrene foam sheets embedded with zeolites to absorb offgassing products along with buffers (calcium carbonate) to neutralize harmful acidic vapors. The rigid, strong, flat panels are water-resistant and dimensionally stable. Direct sunlight will cause bleaching and degradation of any unprotected foam.

Synonyms and Related Terms

MicroChamber®; Artcare Archival white Foamboard

Hazards and Safety

Combustion may produce styrenes and carbon monoxide.

Additional Information

CRI website page: Bainbridge Artcare Archival White Foamboards


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