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Avodire (Turraeanthus africana)


A hard, pale yellow wood from the tree, Turraeanthus africana, native to tropical western Africa. Avodiré darkens to a golden yellow on exposure. The wood does not have distinct growth rings but does have distinct fine pores. The tough, hard timber has a straight to slightly wavy and interlocking grain with a smooth Mahogany-like texture that polishes to a satiny surface. Avodiré is used for plywood, furniture, veneer, and decorative work.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Turraeanthus africana; avodiré (Fr.); avodire; African satinwood; apaya; lusamba


Physical and Chemical Properties

Light colored. Rings: obscure. Pores: diffuse. Rays: obscure. Grain: faint. Tough

Density 34 ppcf
Molecular Weight specific gravity = 0.55

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