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Black Bear


A large, heavily furred, carnivore of the family Ursidae, such as the brown bear (species Ursus). Bear fur has been used for rugs and coats while the fibers have been used for artist brushes. The guard hairs are usually brown or black with lengths up to 3-4 inches. For artist brushes, brown bear fibers are used in bushy mop style brushes. until the 1940s bear hair was also used in stiff mottler brushes for faux finishes as well as in mixtures with skunk hairs to make brushes for varnishing cast iron (Pinney 1999).

Synonyms and Related Terms

Ursus; bear coat; bear rug

Kodiak Brown Bear

Other Properties

Stiff, brown or black. Lengths up to 4 inches (10 cm)

Additional Information

Zora Sweet Pinney, 'A Handle on the Terms used for Artists' Brushes: The Indispensable Tools' unpublished glossary, 1999.

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