Calfskin glue

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Piedmontese-Hereford calf.


A strong, liquid adhesive consisting primarily of gelatin and other protein residues of collagen, keratin, or elastin. The skins of calves are hydrolyzed and broken down in boiling water; the cooled solution yields a jelly-like substance which is gelatin or glue. The water soluble glue occurs in a wide variety of forms and colors ranging from transparent to opaque and white to brown. Calfskin glue is a high quality hide glue. Hide glues are used in the manufacture of furniture, abrasive papers, gummed paper, and matches.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cola de piel de becerro (Esp.); colle de peau (Fr.); colla di bue (It); colla di carnicci (It); colla cervona (It)


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