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Cleaning Frenzy Cleaning Cloths
Cleaning Frenzy Cleaning Cloths
== Additional Information ==
==Resources and Citations==
Hammerhead Boatworks: [http://hammerheadboatworks.com/frenzy__products.html Frenzy! Products Website]
* Hammerhead Boatworks: [http://hammerheadboatworks.com/frenzy__products.html Frenzy! Products Website]
== Sources Checked for Data in Record ==
* University Products at http://www.archivalsuppliers.com/user-cgi/display.cgi?id=828
* Website address 1, Website address 1  Comment: University Products at http://www.archivalsuppliers.com/user-cgi/display.cgi?id=828
[[Category:Materials database]]
[[Category:Materials database]]

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Cleaning Frenzy! Cleaning Cloths


[Hammerhead Boatworks, Inc.] A registered trademark for a soft, but durable, synthetic fiber cleaning cloth. Cleaning Frenzy! Cleaning Cloths are made from polyamide-polyester ultra micro-fibers and do not have any added surface treatments. They may be used damp or dry. When used dry, the non-woven cloths statically attract and hold dirt.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Cleaning Frenzy Cleaning Cloths

Resources and Citations

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