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A silvery white mineral that is an important cobalt ore. Cobaltite is a combined sulfur and arsenic salt of cobalt. It is mined in Canada (Ontario), Zaire, Azerbaijan, India (Rajasthan), England, Norway, and Sweden (Tunaberg). Cobaltite has a metallic luster with a grayish black streak. It is brittle and fractures irregularly.

Synonyms and Related Terms

cobalt glance; cobaltite (Fr.); cobaltita (Esp.); Kobaltglanz (Deut.); cobaltiet (Ned.)


  • Inhalation of dust is toxic.

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Isometric crystalline system, often found as cubes.
  • Fracture = uneven; brittle.
  • Cleavage =perfect in one direction.
  • Luster = metallic.
  • Streak = grayish black.
Composition CoAsS
Mohs Hardness 5.5
Density 6-6.3 g/ml

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