Copper sulfate, dibasic

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Green powder that occurs in nature as the minerals antlerite. Dibasic copper sulfate is mixed with copper hydroxide to make Bordeaux mixture. It is also found as a corrosion product on copper and bronze sculptures. Dibasic copper sulfate is used as a fungicide and Insecticide.

See also Antlerite and Copper sulfate.

Synonyms and Related Terms

copper hydroxide sulfate; cupric subsulfate; Basi-Cop; Cuproxat; Bordeaux mixture; basic copper sulfate; basic copper sulphate (Br.); brochantite


  • Toxic by ingestion.
  • Strongly irritation to skin.
  • American Elements: SDS

Physical and Chemical Properties

  • Soluble in acids.
  • Composition = CuSO4-2Cu(OH)2-H2O

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