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Cranberry bog


A creeping plant with bright red edible berries of the genus Vaccinium, such as the American cranberry Vaccinium macrocarpon. Cranberry plants are native to cool, marshy regions in North America, Asia, and Europe. A deep red dye has been made from the extracted color of cranberry fruits.

Synonyms and Related Terms

Vaccinium macrocarpon (American cranberry); craneberry; tranebær (Dan.); Moosbeeren (Deut.); arádanos (Esp.); arielle (Fr.); veenbessen (Ned.); tranbär (Sven.); mirtillo rosso (It.)

Cranberry harvest

Other Properties

Creeping shrub grows to 1.5 m tall. Fruit = Edible round berry (1 cm) ripens to red in early fall.


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