Cross section

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Wood cross section
Reflected light
Wood cross section
UV light


1 - A cut or a representation of a cut along the plane of the sample that is at right angles to the primary axis. Cross section blocks are often made of paint fragments to provide information on the layer composition and construction. Cross sections of man-made textiles can aid in the identification of polymer type. A cross section is made by embedding a sample in resin, then cutting and polishing the embedment orthogonally to the layers of interest.

2 - The probability of interaction between an incident radiation or particle with a target nucleus (generally measured in equivalent surface unit per atom (usual units are the cm2 and the barn: 1 b = 10 E−24 cm2)

Synonyms and Related Terms

1 - Querschnitt (Deut.); coupe (Fr.); 2 - section de capture (Fr.);

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