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Photo credit: I. Maxwell


The separation of one or more layers in a multiple layer material. Delamination indicates a failure in the integrity, i.e., of the Adhesive or bond to the adherend (substrate). This can happen in any material produced with layers, such as rolling, or 3D printing, or most commonly, with surface coatings. For minerals, delamination is associated with weathering, particularly for Sedimentary stones. However, in some cases delamination may be desirable, such as for the removal of a laminating material from a document. See also Exfoliation.

Synonyms and Related Terms

deslaminación (Esp.); délamination (Fr.); désquamation (Fr.); delaminazione (It.); scagliatura (It.);

Photo credit: V. Vergès-Belmin
Photo credit: B. Fitzner

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