Desert Poplar (Populus pruinosa) LC

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Desert Polar tree


Desert Poplar, 灰胡杨, (Populus pruinosa)is a medium-sized deciduous tree. The tree grows up to 10(-20) m tall. The bark has grayish yellow color. It naturally grows in Central and Southwestern Asia, including Western China, [1]

Historical importance

Summary of results

Multiple flavonoids, luteolin, apigenin, chrysoeriol and their glycosides were identified from desert poplar dyed wool samples.

Analytical instrumentation and procedures


Extract of P. Pruinosa dyed textile, Absorbance at 350nm (mAU) by Jian Liu, China National Silk Museum
Absorbance at 350nm (mAU)

Sample information

Compounds identified, By R. A. Laursen, Boston University

Identified compounds

Luteolin UV-Vis


Apigenin UV-Vis


Compound RT (min.) MW UV/vis Other
Luteolin 35.7 286 348
Apigenin 39.2 270 338


[1] Flora of China, Populus pruinosa [2] [3]