Double-sided tapes

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Scotch double-sided tape


Double-sided tape

A thin polymer or paper strip with pressure-sensitive Adhesive on both the upper and lower surfaces. In the rolls, a liner (also called backing or release paper) keeps the adhesive from sticking to itself. Double sided tapes are commonly used because they immediately adhere one surface to another, without any dry time. Companies state the tape provides continuous permanent adhesion that is vibration and corrosion resistant while spreading the stress load across the entire length of the joint. The thin bond produces a smooth appearance without the need for mechanical fasteners.

he following table gives several examples:

Manufacturer Product Name Supplier Adhesive Carrier Liner/Backing Applications Properties
3M 415 Fastenal 3M™ Acrylic Adhesive 400 Polyester terephthalate 60# densified kraft paper mountmaking: connecting barrier/padding material to brass mounts 4.0 mil thick; 3/4 inch wide; Adhesion to steel: 17.65N/cm; The tape has a 2 year shelf life from the date of manufacture when stored at 72 degrees F and 50% relative humidity;
3M 465 Amazon 3M™ Acrylic Adhesive 400 none 60# densified kraft paper mountmaking; good when you need to follow a curve laterally high tack excellent adhesion, easy liner release
3M 502FL 3M none Polyester
3M 889 Amazon Acrylic Polyester terephthalate Polyester DISCONTINUED; 3/4" wide x 1296" long; transparent; pH 7-8
3M 908 Amazon none Yellow/black plaid 1/4 inch x 36 yards; Adhesion to Steel: 6.6 N/cm; Labeled as "acid neutral" 3M Scotch 908 ATG Gold Tape
3M 2910 3M Acrylic none none Adhesion to glass 16.6N/cm
3M 4910F McMaster-Carr acrylic acrylic foam red (formerly also had white) developed to be an alternate to gaskets; provides a very high bond; may be used to hold glass in place between aluminum trim; to adhered labels and rails in cases super hard to pry apart; industrial grade adhesion; temp resistant to 150C; high solvent resistance
3M 4910 acrylic foam red polyethylene film
3M 8146 3M Acrylic colorless none great for bonding PMMA, glass, PET and other high surface energy and some lower surface energy substrates adhesion to glass 6.6N/cm;
3M 9576 R.S. Hughes Co, Inc Acrylic polypropylene (colorless) 60# densified kraft paper thickness 4 mil; width 1 in; adhesion strength 21.28 N/cm.
Neschen Coating GmbH Gudy 870 TALAS Water-based acrylic none Double-sided siliconised glassine paper pH value: ~7; weight: 40 g/m^2; transverse strength: 500 g: > 5000 min, 1000 g: > 600 - 1500 min; adhesive strength: 10 min: >3,7 N/25mm, 24 hr: >5,2 N/25mm; temperature stability: -40 degrees F - 194 degrees F;
Quality Media and Laminating Solution (QMLS) Instabond C QMLS Acrylic polyester (1 mil) wrapping case furniture Details: thicknesses: liner & exposed adhesive = 1.1 mils; release liner = 5.1 mils nominal processing range: 50-120 degrees F; service temperature range: -30 - 200 degrees F; Peel adhesion: PSTC #103; backed w/ 1 mil polyester; exposed side = 40 oz./inch width; liner side = 40 oz./inch width; Statis shear: PSTC #107 modified; 500 gm/sq inch @ room temp.; exposed & liner side = 7+ days resistance: one applied to substrate, product is generally resistant to water, mild acids and alkalis and many solvents; outdoor durability: 2 years; shelf life: 1 year at 73 degrees F;
Tesa 4959 Acylic, tackified nonwoven paper, translucent Glassine paper, brown 0.1 mm thick; Adhesion to steel: 8.5 N/cm (initial); 54.83 (after 14 days)
Tesa 4965 Acylic, tackified polyester (PET) Red 0.2mm thick; Adhesion to steel: 8.4 N/cm (initial); 76.12 (after 14 days)
Tesa 4985 Acylic, tackified none Glassine paper 0.05 mm thick; Adhesion to steel: 11 N/cm (initial); 71.6 (after 14 days)
Tesa 51575 Water-based acrylic nonwoven Glassine paper 90 um thick, 12 mm wide; Adhesion to steel: 3.2 N/cm;
Tesa 88250 Water-based acrylic none Polycoated paper, white with blue logo thickness: 127 um / 4.00 mils; temp. resistance from -40 deg F; adhesion to steel is 10 N/cm;
UK Industrial Tapes Ltd. Fillet Tape Acrylic polyester used in framing industry width 6mm

Synonyms and Related Terms

Double stick tapes; double coated tapes; adhesive transfer tapes

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