Emulsion paint

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A water-based paint in which the pigment and binder are uniformly dispersed in a liquid. Emulsion paints can include tempera paints, oil-in-water formulations, and aqueous polymer dispersions. By 1963, several several synthetic resin emulsions paint such as the acrylics (such as Shiva, Hyplar Acrylic Colors, Aqua-tec, and Cryla) came on the market. Vinyl resins, such as polyvinyl acetate, have also been used to prepare water-based emulsion paints, such as Hyplar Artists' Colors. Polymer colors dry quickly to form a tough film with brilliant colors. Emulsion paints are commonly referred to as 'latex' paints.

Synonyms and Related Terms

latex paint; polymer dispersion paints; Binderfarbe (Deut.)

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