Fiber reinforced plastic

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Any of several polymers (acrylics, vinyls, polyolefins, phenolics, and polyesters)containing reinforcing fibers (Asbestos, carbon, and glass). The most common fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) is the combination of an unsaturated polyester resin combined with glass fibers that is commonly called Fiberglass.

Synonyms and Related Terms

FRP; fiberglass; GRP (glassfibre reinforced plastic); plástico reforzado con fibra de vidrio (Esp.); plastique renforcé à la fibre de verre (Fr.); plástico reforçado com fibras (Port.)

Examples: Alsynite; Corrulux; Filon; Indulux; Kalwall; Kalwood; Sanpan; Fiberglas

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