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[Casabar] A registered trademark for a silver cleaning solution. Instant-Dip® contains Thiourea in a Sulfuric acid-based solution. It was developed in 1946 for use in museums as a quick, non-abrasive cleaner. Instant-Dip® removes black tarnish from silver pieces but will etch the surface of other materials such as steel, aluminum, zinc, marble, pearls, paint, and lacquer.

As of 2022, this product no longer seems to be availalble. Multiple other products, such as W. J. Hagerty Instant Silver Dip; JAX Instant Silver Cleaner; Kassoy Silver Blue Instant, were found but not information was availalbe on their composistions.Silver Clear

Synonyms and Related Terms

silver dip cleaner; InstantDip; Instant Dip


  • Usually corrosive.
  • Skin contact will cause burns.
  • Thiourea is carcinogenic.

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