Jade 454

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[Jade Adhesives, Chicago] A brand name for a white aqueous adhesive emulsion containing Ethylene vinyl acetate (20/80) copolymer. Jade 454 may also contain small amounts of plasticizers, dispersion aids, defoamers and preservatives. It turns yellow-brown with age.

Collections Risk

Jade 454 is a moderate Acetic acid emitter. It has been shown to fall in the acidic range for pH before and after aging. In aging tests, Jade 454 has been shown to emit Toluene, water, Dichloromethane, 2-ethoxy ethanol, and 2-ethoxy ethyl acetate. (Down et al 1996). Enclosures prepared with off-gassing materials, especially when large quantities of the materials are used, should be allowed to dry for three to four weeks before being used to enclose sensitive objects (Tétreault 2017).

Working Properties

  • Storage/Shelf Life: One year at 4.44-49°C (40-120°F).

Physical and Chemical Properties

Emulsion has 38% solids. Viscosity = 40000-45000 cps.

Emulsion pH = 3.84 (from AIC Book and Paper catalog).

Dried film swells in water and toluene.

Additional Information

J. Down, M.MacDonald, J.Te'treault, S.Williams, Adhesive Testing at the Canadian Conservation Institute-An Evaluation of Selected Poly(Vinyl acetate) and Acrylic Adhesives", Studies in Conservation 41:19-44, 1996.

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