MFA 52.1690, pink yarns embroidered cotton bedcover, probably Peruvian Colonial (1661)

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Artifact Information

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston 52.1690. 229 x 325cm (90 3/16 x 127 15/16in.)

52.1690 is a bedcover with bright pink yarns embroidered on undyed cotton ground and Lace border on three sides. Design copied from European engravings of personifications of seasons, virtues and other subjects. Embroidered border probably copied from lace pattern books. Embroidered in white on undyed ground at lower right corner: 1° MAYO 1661.[1].

MFA 52.1690 cotton Bedcover © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

MFA 52.1690 cotton Bedcover, detail © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Summary of results

by Dr. Xian Zhang at Boston University, 2009