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Red Tematica de Patrimonio Historico y Cultural (CSIC Thematic Network of Cultural Heritage)

"The CSIC Thematic Network of Cultural Heritage (RTPHC) was launched in October 2001 to coordinate cultural heritage activities of several research groups working at the Spanish Scientific Research Council (CSIC). .... The main objective of the network is to support research on cultural heritage and to promote cooperation between European research centres, professional associations and technological companies" (Saiz-Jimenez 2004). All participating members perform research and analysis for the conservation and preservation of oustanding Spanish heritage and monuments, such as the cathedrals, Roman cities, medieval castles, baroque palaces, museums, archives, paintings, and archaeological objects. RTPHC research is divided into five areas: 1) Archaeology and Architectural Heritage, 2) Biology, 3) Chemistry and Material Science, 4) Geology, and 5) Physics.

  • C. Saiz-Jimenez "A New Step for Coalition, Coalition, No. 7, Jan. 2004.
Web Address http://www.rtphc.csic.es/
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